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  MEAN SANTA for the COLECOVISION is now available! This is our first homebrew for the Colecovision videogame system. It was programmed by Chris Derrig. Concept and design by Tim Duarte. Click here to read about it!
  Did you know that Atari made a trak ball for the 2600 but didn't release a single game that supported them? Be sure to check out long-time staff writer Scott Stilphen's excellent and in-depth article "The Failed Promise of the VCS/2600 Trak-Ball Controller." Click here to read about it! [ external web site ]
  Purchase your own BRIDGE embroidered patch! The game was released
on cartridge in 1980, but a mail-away patch was never offered for this game. Now you can get a patch without achieving a high score or any special requirement. You can be a BRIDGE GRAND MASTER.
Click here

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