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John K. Harvey

John K. Harvey has been a fan of the 2600 Connection ever since he learned of its existence. Though not a heavy contributor with articles, he is instead mainly known for his programming efforts. His first Atari 2600 game Pressure Gauge was released in 1999. It was first reviewed by the 2600 connection in issue #56. In 2008, the 2600 Connection staff invited John to help out as programmer for another project, which eventually became known as Mean Santa. It was released in October 2009. The game itself took about a year to go from concept to release. John spends some of his free time working on Atari 7800 projects, some of which are demos, and others which may be released as full games in the future. He generally spends time on AtariAge under the avatar Propane13 (that is the easiest way to contact him). He currently lives in Illinois.

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