UPMONSTERS for the Intellivision





The aliens from the planet UP have arrived! But nobody on Earth is panicking. Why?

The Upmonsters, as they’re called, have landed right in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

All 20 of them went to explore, but after finding absolutely nothing for miles on end, they decided to go home.

The UFO isn’t working very well in the desert heat, so the aliens need to jump on the clouds to get to the hovering UFO.

Can you help the aliens get home?



Your Upmonster can jump from cloud to cloud. Watch out for that pesky yellow bird!




color manual and game cartridge


Programmer / Designer : Chris Read

Logistics / Game Tester / Manual layout : Tim Duarte

Cartridge Production : Tim Duarte



Here is a video of UPMONSTERS gameplay:







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UPMONSTERS is shipped via U.S. Mail.

PAYPAL payment is accepted and preferred.

Check or money order is also accepted.
Please send an email for more details.


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UPMONSTERS for the INTELLIVISION was programmed by Chris Read.

It was programmed in IntyBASIC.

It won second place for the 2018 IntyBASIC Programming Contest.

Congratulations and "hats off" to Chris!

I would like to wish Chris ( AKA "atari2600land" ) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Chris' birthday is NOVEMBER 2!




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