RESTAURANT for the Odyssey2






RESTAURANT is a hack of the CHEZ MAXIME game by Jopac / TO TEK International originally released in France.
The game has been modified designed for play in the Americas on the Odyssey2 in NTSC format.
Color manual and the game cartridge only.

You are Maxime, an over-worked, under-paid waiter. You work on a three-story restaurant and must serve your customers on all three floors.
When the customers come in they are perfectly calm and happy. However as time goes by, they become more and more furious if they do not get service.
 First they turn red, then flash red, and then jump up and down before they leave and walk out.
Maxime must face them at their tables, bringing food from the dumb waiter. If three customers get up and leave, Maxime gets fired from his job.
There's also a stray dog that keeps trying to get the food Maxime has before he serves it to his customers.



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