MOTO-CRASH for the Odyssey2






MOTO-CRASH is a hack of the MOTO-CRASH + game by Jopac / TO TEK International originally released in France in 1984.
The + (plus) graphics have been removed and this is designed for play in the Americas on the Odyssey2 in NTSC format.
Color manual and the game cartridge only.

MOTO-CRASH is a motorcycle racing game. The goal is to drive as far as possible within the time limit of 4 minutes.
The game features 4 predefined tracks (selected with the keys 1 to 4 at the start of the game)
plus one random track generated by the computer (selected with the 0 key).

The conditions of each circuit change as the player progresses.
The race starts during daytime; once the player drives 6 km the night falls; at 10 km, the road becomes wet;
at 20 km, the road becomes snowy and at 30 km the road becomes icy.
Changes in weather conditions are not only accompanied by graphical changes but also in gameplay,
as the motorcycle's adherence to the road changes. If the player drives 6 km in daytime or 4 km in nighttime,
 in any weather condition, without crashing, the computer awards a bonus time. This extends gameplay.


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