What could cause someone to "snap" after hundreds of years of generosity?
Was it the blatant commercialization of Christmas, with cheap decorations displayed in stores well before Halloween?
The threatened unionization of the elves?
Or perhaps international regulators who banned reindeer propulsion because the flatulence of nine reindeer was damaging the ozone layer?
Or was it just one naughty child too many?

Whatever the reason, Santa Claus has gone over to the dark side, and this Christmas won’t be the usual season of good will toward men.

“Maybe the children of the world would learn to appreciate the important things in life if they didn't spend Christmas focused on shiny new toys,”
Santa stated earlier this year. “Maybe this year, Santa will take away presents instead of delivering them...”

Instead of leaving lumps of coals in the stockings of the naughty children, Santa has decided to teach them a lesson –
and no rogue wind currents, bad weather, or guard dogs are going to get in his way.

And he’s asked for your help in executing his diabolical plan.


MEAN SANTA was originally released for the Atari 2600 in 2009 in celebration of the 100th print issue of the 2600 Connection newsletter.

In 2016, a version for the Magnavox Odyssey2 / Videopac was released.

Both of these versions are still available for sale!



MEAN SANTA for the Colecovision includes:

a game cartridge

a printed 8-page color game manual

black plastic storage box with printed color insert






On this screen, the object is to fly Mean Santa's sleigh through the night sky and safely land on a house roof.

Watch out for the rogue snowflake... it'll take Mean Santa's sleigh off-course.

Once inside the house, it's time for Mean Santa to get to work. Here, he is stealing all the dolls in the house.
Be careful not to slip on the bananas!
Hurry up - this is a game of speed. There is no time to waste. Best time wins.

Here, in the final house, Mean Santa must avoid the guard dogs.
Mean Santa's final challenge is to steal the ROASTED TURKEY DINNER at the bottom of the screen!
There are many houses to raid, I mean to explore, and lots to discover in the game Mean Santa for the Colecovision.











Mean Santa for the COLECOVISION is shipped via U.S. Mail.

In the USA:


Price: $29
Shipping: $6

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Outside the USA / International / anywhere else in the world:


Price: $29
Shipping: $15

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Email Tim at if you have any questions.





Here is a note from game designer Tim Duarte:


Here are my original hand-drawn concept pages for MEAN SANTA. Note that it was originally going to be called EVIL SANTA.









Revival magazine:


Ahhhh...there's nothing that wreaks more of the holidays than late January, a homebrew Atari 2600 game, and Santa Claus going on a drunken rampage, robbing houses, and holding up young children at gunpoint.

Let’s take a look at what comes with the game Mean Santa: Let’s start by looking at the cover art because honestly, the front cover of this game is what makes it. It’s worth buying it just for this! You have Santa Claus in a mask, with a gun, holding like an 8 year old kid at gunpoint, taking his presents. That’s so disturbing, yet so classic, that I have no words to describe it. I’m just going to give it a thumb’s up. I love it. 

Let’s go over to the back [ of the case ]. You’ve got some screen shots here. Basically, Santa is pissed off at all the kids who misbehaved during the year. So instead of leaving coal, he is going to rob them. Good for Santa! 

[ The cartridge ] has the same art that they have on the cover of the box. It looks really good. It looks really professional, too! Obviously, they would not have a licensed Atari game with Santa holding up a kid at gunpoint…but, hey… 

The premise of the game is really simple: What you have to do is land on the roofs of all these houses, go inside, steal whatever they got, and get back out. In the final house, you have to steal Christmas dinner and not get caught by the dogs. Do that and you complete the game. In all honesty, on EASY mode, the game is “retarded-ly” simple. It’s not even worth playing. On MEDIUM and HARD, it actually becomes kind of a challenge because you have a thundercloud shooting lightning at you, you have the “beach ball sized” snowflakes coming at you. You have to land on the roof. You can’t land on a chimney. If you land on a chimney, you crash and burn to the ground. 

It’s not the most exciting thing in the world. It’s a cool little gimmick though. You’ll play for 10 minutes and enjoy it. 

The only “real huge beef” I have with this game is they could have been a little more original. 
Like when you go into a house, I don’t think anyone would have 14 candy canes just laying around on the floor, or 12 wreaths just laying around. 
Besides for that, it’s a cool concept. I liked it a lot. My final verdict is: I would say pick this one up if you can find it. 
There was only 100 of these made. It has adequate graphics, and honestly if you’re a collector, it’s something really cool to have. 



"Everything looks great! The higher levels are very challenging, but it was nice of you to include the easy level for kids to play. Thanks to everyone involved!" 

"Just would like to say this game is great, even after several tries. The fact there is a lot of locked game modes is excellent. 
I have just found a 'special' mode but fails at house 28...
Do other game modes exist after the 'special' one? 
And is it possible to access to this game mode without finishing the other ones? 
I have my answer: I've just finished the 'special' game mode (my time is 10:21). 
I think the last house is #31. But no additional mode after beating the 'special' mode. 
The last houses with the dog are not really easy! My thumb is used now!! (I have played this on a 7800) 

"Pretty good game and the packaging with the hard plastic case, artwork and manual is very nice. 
Very reasonably priced. I would recommend picking one up." 

"A note to everyone: Buy this fun little holiday game! 
I got mine a while back and have been playing it quite a bit, it's just that right mix of quirky fun to keep you playing for hours!" 



                                                                                                                                    Tim D. ( November 2020)


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