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You are a submarine driver in search of sunken treasure off the coast of Cape Chammawingiwakauguflidplitargoknotz. Your job: Get the treasure chests and be rich! But there are dangers: it seems the treasures are very well protected because there are walls… LOTS of walls!

Controlling a submarine, you must navigate a perilous maze to reach the exit. Touching the walls will destroy your submarine, so you must pilot your craft with great skill! And as if the narrow passages were not enough danger, in the maze lurks a monster octopus determined to crush your sub with its mighty grip!

Can you survive 20 different mazes to reach 'The End'?


2600 Connection is proud to offer the latest Odyssey2/Videopac game from Chris Read - Gosub!  Previously known for his Atari VCS/2600 games (Gosub, Alien Greed, Stacker, Zyx), he recently started creating games for the Odyssey2.  His first game for the Odyssey2 was Fatso! , inspired by the Telesys Atari VCS/2600 game Fast Food.

A limited run of 50 boxed copies of Gosub! were produced (25 NTSC and 25 PAL).  Each game included a professional-styled manual, and each cartridge featured a serial number sticker that glows in the dark (should you find yourself underwater).  Scott Stilphen handled the production of carts, manuals, and boxes. New artwork was created by Rafael Cardoso for the packaging, who won our label contest. Thanks also to René van den Enden for technical help, and Marc Verraes for help with the Videopac label design.

The limited run of 50 boxed, numbered copies of Gosub! were released on September 29, 2012 and quickly sold out.
Now we are happy to allow gamers who missed out on this game to purchase one.  It's the same game and manual, except it does not have a serial number.  A plastic storage box is not included. We call this the unlimited release of Gosub!  So what are you waiting for?  Get yours today!


Gosub is one of the few Odyssey2/Videopac homebrews to have a title screen.
Hear the occasional sonar ping in the background.


Here, the octopus is about to reappear at the bottom of the screen. Watch out!


Part of the time, the trick is simply understanding the mazes! Just keep following where
you are at the moment, and eventually you'll reach your goals.



Odyssey2 version cartridge and manual






PAYPAL payment is accepted and preferred.


If you live in the USA:

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If you live anywhere else in the world:

Price: $25 (and $15 shipping)

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GOSUB! is shipped via U.S. Mail.

Check or money order is also accepted.
Please send an email for more details.


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“I just have to give congratulations (to Chris and 2600 Connection). It works nicely and is very well done. The packaging and printings are AMAZING.  The photos don't do it justice.”  – Rafael Cardoso

"You guys made a great product which is done for the community and not for profit and I really respect that."
- Robbert (Janzl)/Videopac.nl


"ORIGINAL 50" OWNERS LIST - updated February 16, 2013 

Odyssey2-style carts

1. Chris - SHIPPED
2. Rafael - SHIPPED
3. Timdu - SHIPPED
4. Rene_G7400 - SHIPPED
5. tigerinatlanta - SHIPPED
6. VideopacBelgium - SHIPPED
7. VideopacBelgium - SHIPPED
8. Russ Perry Jr. - SHIPPED
9. ozyr - SHIPPED
10. Andrew Levin - SHIPPED
11. Martijn - SHIPPED
12. Darrin Laura - SHIPPED
13. William Cassidy - SHIPPED
14. Mark Tryon - SHIPPED
15. Scott/sedrake - SHIPPED
17. James Randall - SHIPPED
18. Michael Palmisano - SHIPPED
19. Gerald Diermaier - SHIPPED
20. Al Backiel - SHIPPED
21. Larry Anderson - SHIPPED
22. Ian Baronofsky - SHIPPED
23. the.golden.ax - SHIPPED
24. Jeff Oconnell - SHIPPED
25. Jack Kerrigan - SHIPPED

Videopac-style carts

26. Tom31 - SHIPPED
27. Martijn - SHIPPED
28. Arne Israel - SHIPPED
29. Michael Tausendpfund - SHIPPED
30. immergruen - SHIPPED
31. VideopacBelgium - SHIPPED
32. VideopacBelgium - SHIPPED
33. dronspa - SHIPPED
34. ccc - SHIPPED
35. Karl - SHIPPED
36. Thomas - SHIPPED
37. ozyr - SHIPPED
38. Rene Lips - SHIPPED
39. Alex Lehmann - SHIPPED
40. Shaun Stephenson - SHIPPED
41. Martin Wegscheider - SHIPPED
42. Steve/Sincl - SHIPPED
43. Gerald Diermaier - SHIPPED
44. Guido Lenz - SHIPPED
45. Gerald Diermaier - SHIPPED
46. Mark Bodiella - SHIPPED
47. Ron Slaminko - SHIPPED
48. Smitty - SHIPPED
49. George Hayward - SHIPPED
50. manopac - SHIPPED

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