EXOJET for the Odyssey2






EXOJET is a game by Jopac / TO TEK International originally released in France.
The game has been modified designed for play in the Americas on the Odyssey2 in NTSC format.
Color manual and the game cartridge only.

Your space-ship which has gone astray during a reconnaissance mission to an unknown planet and enters a canyon from which it cannot escape.
Defend the space-ship against two main threats: enemy space-ships that fire while flying over the canyon  and laser guns in the canyon that try to
to intercept your space-ship. Can you destroy the enemy and avoid their fire without crashing into the canyon's walls?



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PAYPAL payment is accepted and preferred.


If you live in the USA:

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If you live anywhere else in the world:

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EXOJET is shipped via U.S. Mail.

Check or money order is also accepted.
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