DEATH RACE for the Odyssey2/Videopac


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It's fascinating!  It's fun chasing monsters!

Death Race pits the player against an intelligent acting, evasive, running Gremlin. Unlike most "player versus machine" games, the "machine" in this case does not simply repeat an action or sequence, but actually "sees", "thinks", and "acts" as intelligently (and even more rapidly) than would another player. The result of this is that each game is a new and different experience.

The object of the game is simple. Hit a Gremlin and you win a point. There are two Gremlins running around the playing field in a random fashion. They are intelligent robots in every sense and will avoid all objects so long as they can see a way to escape. You drive one of two cars which are completely under your control. You can steer them anywhere in any direction within the playing field; move forward in low or high gear; and move in reverse when necessary. You can drive as fast, but no faster than the Gremlins can run.

When you hit a Gremlin, a tombstone (cross) will appear and remain in that same spot until the game is over and a new game begun. Whenever you hit a Gremlin on the playing field, the cross will remain. Thus, each game creates its own totally random and different maze of crosses that each player must steer through while chasing the Gremlins. The more hits, the more crosses; the more crosses, the harder the steering becomes. Thus, it becomes increasingly difficult to maneuver as your skill increases.

Death Race is a game for 1 or 2 players, and was programmed by Ivan Machado - his first Odyssey2 game!  Ivan also recreated the original artwork that was done by Pat Peak for the Exidy coin-op version.  Scott Stilphen handled the production of carts and Tim Duarte handled production of the manuals and boxes. All three gentlemen worked together on the manual.

A limited run of 100 boxed copies of DEATH RACE were produced that are compatible with NTSC systems.  Each game includes a professional-styled manual. These 100 boxed copies quickly sold out.

We are happy to release the "unlimited edition" of DEATH RACE. It does not have a serial number and no box is included -- it is just the
game cartridge and the color manual.



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The game is for 1 or 2 players.


As more crosses fill the screen, the harder it becomes to drive around.


VHS-style storage box, color manual, and game cartridge
(Please note: the VHS-style storage box is not included in the unlimited release )



 Please note:  the crosses aren't appearing correctly in the video, but that's due
to how the video was made, and not a glitch in the game itself.




Click here to view this great youtube video review from Willie of "The Wizards of Odyssey2 Podcast."






PAYPAL payment is accepted and preferred.


If you live in the USA:

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If you live anywhere else in the world:

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DEATH RACE "unlimited edition" is shipped via U.S. Mail.

Check or money order is also accepted.
Please send an email for more details.


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OWNERS LIST - updated Sunday, July 26, 2015

1. Ivan Machado - SHIPPED
2. Rafael - SHIPPED
3. Tim Duarte - SHIPPED
4. Rene_G7400 - SHIPPED
5. Chris Read - SHIPPED
6. Mark Bodiella - SHIPPED
7. Ozyr - SHIPPED
8. Shaun Stephenson - SHIPPED
9. Uranus Greek - SHIPPED
10. Thomas Becker - SHIPPED
11. Al Backiel - SHIPPED
12. Scott Drake - SHIPPED
13. Bob King - SHIPPED
14. Scott Manns - SHIPPED
15. Tom Morrison - SHIPPED
16. Flemming Dupont- SHIPPED
17. Brian Clements - SHIPPED
18. William Hoyt - SHIPPED
19. Geoffrey Cox - SHIPPED
20. Timothy Cotter - SHIPPED
21. Rick Reynolds - SHIPPED
22. William Culver - SHIPPED
23. Jeremy Jarnagin - SHIPPED
24. Tracy Webber - SHIPPED
25. Bill Loguidice - SHIPPED
26. Mario Faiad - SHIPPED
27. Raymond Francel - SHIPPED
28. Steven Downey - SHIPPED
29. John Linville - SHIPPED
30. Darrin9999 - SHIPPED
31. Gerald Diermaier - SHIPPED
32. Paul Nurminen - SHIPPED
33. Dana Eiler - SHIPPED
34. Jeffrey O'Connell - SHIPPED
35. John Reder - SHIPPED
36. Mark Tryon - SHIPPED
37. Fabio Giampietro - SHIPPED
38. Estil Vance - SHIPPED
39. Estil Vance - SHIPPED
40. Jeffrey Rothkopf - SHIPPED
41. David Harshbarger - SHIPPED
42. Russ Perry Jr. - SHIPPED
43. Marc Verraes - SHIPPED
44. Stephen Mercer - SHIPPED
45. James Randall - SHIPPED
46. Ian Baronofsky - SHIPPED
47. Jeremy Stockman - SHIPPED
48. Luke Sandel - SHIPPED
49. Scott Cobb - SHIPPED
50. Mark Wolongevicz - SHIPPED

51. Jack Kerrigan - SHIPPED
52. John Hancock - SHIPPED
53. Tom Durst - SHIPPED
54. Justin Collins - SHIPPED
55. Sean Jackson - SHIPPED
56. David Mrozek - SHIPPED
57. Jeffrey Dalzell - SHIPPED
58. Alex Sweers - SHIPPED
59. Bruce Clarke - SHIPPED
60. Todd Kadish - SHIPPED
61. Shane Lucey - SHIPPED
62. Bill Combs - SHIPPED
63. Toby St-aubin - SHIPPED
64. Patricia Rubino - SHIPPED
65. Karl Illetschko - SHIPPED
66. Sebastien Martre - SHIPPED
67. Doug Palmer - SHIPPED
68. Brian Lindemuth - SHIPPED
69. Michael Noergaard - SHIPPED
70. Jeffrey Kauffman - SHIPPED
71. Billy Kostovski - SHIPPED
72. Raymond Castro - SHIPPED
73. Billy Kostovski - SHIPPED
74. Kris Czarnota - SHIPPED
75. Donald Switzer - SHIPPED
76. Matt Griffin - SHIPPED
77. Sebastien Martre - SHIPPED
78. Bryan Gruszka - SHIPPED
79. Chris Spurgeon - SHIPPED
80. James Paterson - SHIPPED
81. Brian Gordon - SHIPPED
82. Lee Bushley - SHIPPED
83. Billy Kostovski - SHIPPED
84. Russell Gitter - SHIPPED
85. Scott Vanderpool - SHIPPED
86. Billy Kostovski - SHIPPED
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88. Dietmar Strickert - SHIPPED
89. Maria Frias - SHIPPED
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94. Billy Kostovski - SHIPPED
95. Billy Kostovski - SHIPPED
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99. Martijn Wenting - SHIPPED
100. Manopac - SHIPPED

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