The 50-Foot Tall Stalk of Celery! for the Odyssey2/Videopac








ou are Rodney, friend of the 50-foot tall stalk of Celery.

Mr. Celery has a problem: It seems the vegetarians want to chomp, chew, and digest him!

As Rodney, you can help fight back! How? Well, Mr. Celery has invented a Vegetarian Killing Machine ( VKM for short ).

Rodney can control the VKM. Vegetarian men are running amok! Use the VKM to destroy them. How many vegetarians can you defeat?

Oh, one more thing: the vegetarians are aware of you and Mr. Celery’s plans. They are hurling bombs at you!

Avoid the bombs! If you get hit by a bomb, it's all over for Mr. Celery



2600 Connection is proud to offer The 50-Foot-Tall Stalk of Celery!, a 2K Odyssey2/Videopac game programmed by Chris Read.
This is Chris' 9th Odyssey2 game. His other Odyssey2 games include FATSO! ( inspired by the Telesys Atari VCS/2600 game Fast Food),
GOSUB! ( underwater submarine maze game ), GOSUB 2 ( a sequel ), WALLS!, TRAFFIC!, NICE ICE!, CHIEF CHEF, and AARON THE AANT!.

Move the VKM ( blue icon ) around with the joystick.
Vegetarians ( yellow men) run all over the place.
In the screen above, a deadly red bomb has just been avoided.




The 50-Foot-Tall Stalk of Celery! cartridge and manual



Special thanks to David Flemming of PackRat Videogames for allowing us to release this game.


"If only more people would make 2K homebrew games, then the world would be a better place."

- Chris Read




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Updated: Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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