2600 Connection co-founder and publisher Tim Duarte and programmer Chris Read of Aegis Games
(a.k.a. atari2600land on Atari Age) released ALIEN GREED 4
on cartridge for the Atari 2600 Videogame Computer System.

This was a special release - only 50 game cartridges were made.

The cartridges are numbered 1 of 50, 2 of 50, 3 of 50, etc.

Brad Nuce (a.k.a. ManCaveArcade on AtariAge) created a special box for ALIEN GREED 4.
The price for a game cartridge complete with a full-color label and a manual along with a special box
and a special pack-in bonus was $40. These will be numbered 1-40.

The price for a loose game cartridge with a full-color label and a manual will be $25.
These will be numbered 41-50.


We also held a label contest for ALIEN GREED 4
The contest ended: Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 11:59PM
The winning artwork that was chosen was submitted by Brad Nuce (a.k.a. ManCaveArcade).
He will receive a free game cartridge of ALIEN GREED 4!


Brad is also creating the box for ALIEN GREED 4. With Brad working on both the label and the box,
the whole package is going to be awesome!  Brad designed a special one of a kind box for me for MEAN SANTA and I think it his work is fantastic. I am happy to have Brad contributing to this project.

This is what the front of the box will look like.

This is what the back of the box will look like.


I know what you're saying... but what about the game?

What's ALIEN GREED 4 about?

ALIEN GREED 4 (ALIEN GREED ADVENTURE) takes place in a familiar setting to many Atari 2600 fans:
it's in the familiar setting of ADVENTURE (by Atari)!

There are three other games as well that Chris has created. Alien Greed, Alien Greed 2, and Alien Greed 3.
All of the games are parodies of the collector who is a completist, or one who "must have them all."
You play the role of a green alien, and in your quest to collect Atari 2600 game cartridges in the setting of ADVENTURE,
you will run into many adversaries and obstacles who are out to stop you, including a dragon!
There are BOSS levels, too! There's lots to explore in this 16K videogame cartridge for the Atari 2600.
As a comparison note, ADVENTURE (by Atari), which was programmed and created by Warren Robinett, is 4K in size.



1. Chris Read (atari2600land) (BOXED)
2. Tim Duarte (timdu) (BOXED)
3. Brad Nuce (mancavearcade) (BOXED)
4. zodiacprime (BOXED)
5. Al Backiel (BOXED)
6. Russ Perry Jr. (BOXED)
7. Wonder007 (BOXED)
8. bennybingo (BOXED)
9. atarinut76 (BOXED)
10. TrekMD (BOXED)
11. ntavio (BOXED)
12. toymailman (BOXED)
13. bfstats (BOXED)
14. jeffgamer (BOXED)
15. lucifershalo (BOXED)
16. ianoid (BOXED)
17. phaxda (BOXED)
18. cvga (BOXED)
19. Marc Oberhäuser (BOXED)
20. Dan Skelton (BOXED)
21. gambler172 (BOXED)
22. Charles Gray (BOXED)
23. gaztee (BOXED)
24. Uberarcade (BOXED)
25. ham (BOXED)
26. cubelindo (BOXED)
27. FABombjoy (BOXED)
28. Rick Weis (BOXED)
29. Furor (BOXED)
30. Elw00d (BOXED)
31. Fyrman (BOXED)
32. mark t ((BOXED))
33. FikapPacMan (BOXED)
34. RpgCollector (BOXED)
35. RayXambeR (BOXED)
36. chuys450 (BOXED)
37. scoobasteeve (BOXED)
38. Andre81 (BOXED)
39. Liduario (BOXED)
40. Conny Jungholt (BOXED)
41. Necron99 (LOOSE)
42. LMB41 (LOOSE)
43. Scott Stilphen (LOOSE)
44. Godzilla (LOOSE)
45. Godzilla (LOOSE)
46. Lenny Herman (LOOSE)
47. Arne Israel (LOOSE)
48. Dan Iacovelli (LOOSE)
49. Kenny Brooks Jr. (LOOSE)
50. Elw00d (LOOSE)


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