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Issue #1 (Summer 1990) Premiere issue!
The Future and the 2600, 2600 Cartridge List Introduction, 2600 Trickery (tips for E.T., Dolphin, and Mountain King), Letter from the Editor, Classified ads.

Issue #2 (Fall 1990)
Hidden Delights, Skateboardin' game review, Letters from readers, Super Football playing strategies, Places to buy games-Mail order guide, Atari cartridge list, classifieds.

Issue #3 (Winter 1990 / 1991)
2600 Hardware Parade, Adventure's Secret Message, News and Notes, Letters from readers, Computer / Electronics Source profile, Activision cartridge list, classifieds.

Issue #4 (Spring 1991)
Four New Games from Atari, Swordquest: Earthworld solution, letters from readers, Pleasant Valley Video profile, Absolute Entertainment cartridge list, Berzerk playing strategies, Tales of the 2600, classifieds.

Issue #5 (Summer 1991)
Interview with Alex DeMeo of Absolute Entertainment, Swordquest: Fireworld solution, letters from readers, News and Notes, Four new Atari game reviews: Motorodeo, Xenophobe, Sentinel, and Ikari Warriors, Frying the 2600, Imagic cartridge list, Survey, classifieds.

Issue #6 (Sep / Oct 1991)
Interview with Steve Cartwright (designer of Megamania), Swordquest: Waterworld solution, Survey results, letters from readers, Cheating the 2600, News and Notes, Defender playing strategies, review of My Golf (a game from Australia), 2nd Annual Mail Order Guide, Coleco cartridge list, classifieds.

Issue #7 (Nov / Dec 1991)
A Portable 2600, National promotion, More Atari 2600 Support, letters from readers, More Hidden Delights, Raiders of the Lost Ark solution / playing strategies, Parker Brothers cartridge list, classifieds.

Issue #8 (Jan / Feb 1992)
Rare and Collectible Games, Programming the 2600, Best Electronics profile, Solaris solution and playing strategies, Sears cartridge list, How to make a Left-handed joystick, Four Games from England, letters from readers, News & Notes.

Issue #9 (Mar / Apr 1992)
A Canadian Perspective, Pitfall solution and tips, Four-player games, Atari Discontinues the 2600 and 7800, Getting those High Scores and Awards, Cartridge List gaps filled, M Network cartridge list, letters from readers, News & Notes.

Issue #10 (May / Jun 1992)
Rare and Collectible Games Part 2, Tips and Tricks, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns solution and tips, Crazy Climber game review, Cartridge Hall of Fame, Tales of the 2600, CBS cartridge list, More High Scores, Cartridge List gaps incorrect, Letters from readers, News & Notes.

Issue #11 (Jul / Aug 1992)
Rare and Collectible Games Part 3, Crossbow solution and tips, Games based on Movies, Interview with Warren Robinett (designer of Adventure), Tales of the 2600, 20th Century Fox cartridge list, more Frying the 2600 tips, letters, etc.

Issue #12 (Sep / Oct 1992)
A Look at the Past: the 2600, PVV Resurfaces, Survey 1992, 3rd Annual Mail Order Guide, A Conversation with David Crane (designer of Pitfall), Tips and Tricks for Combat, Programming the 2600: Part 2, Apollo cartridge list, letters, classifieds, etc.

Issue #13 (Nov / Dec 1992)
Why I am an Atarian, PVV Disappears, A Look to the Past: the 5200, Atari 2600 Fact File, Tales of the 2600, How to Build your own Paddle Controllers, Cures for "Wobbly" Paddles, More New games from England, Survey results, Tips and Tricks, Quadrun game review, Vidtec and U.S. Games cartridge list, letters, etc.

Issue #14 (Jan / Feb 1993)
A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Cartridges, A Look to the Past: the 7800, A Guided Tour of the Starpath Supercharger games, Tales of the 2600, Tips and Tricks, An interview with Stephen Landrum (Starpath game designer), Data Age cartridge list, letters, classifieds, etc.

Issue #15 (Mar / Apr 1993)
Collectors' Guide will boost interest, Other 2600 Newsletters, Atari and the Law: Multiple Lawsuits, Frying the 2600, Gravitar game review, Nolan Bushnell: A Man and his Empire, Tales of the 2600, Telesys cartridge list, letters, etc.

Issue #16 (May / Jun 1993)
Price Guide now available, Even More Newsletters, A Guide to Baseball Games for the Atari 2600, Tips and Tricks, Tales of the 2600, Spectravision cartridge list, letters, etc.

Issue #17 (Jul / Aug 1993)
Desert Island Contest Winners, Frying the 2600, Letters, Sega / Bally Midway cartridge list, E.T. playing strategies and review, Become a 2600 Survivor, A Collector's Guide to Atari's Cartridge Labels

Issue #18 (Sep / Oct 1993)
A Few Thoughts on Collecting Videogames, 30 Minutes of Videogame Commercials, Tips and Tricks, Skateboardin' (by Absolute) solution, Nolan Bushnell: A Man and his Empire: Part 2, 1993 Mail Order Directory, Tales of the 2600, Tigervision cartridge list

Issue #19 (Nov / Dec 1993)
What's Going to Happen to the 2600?, A Conversation with Rob Fulop (designer of Demon Attack), Digital Press' Video Review Volume 1 review, Cubicolor review, Road Runner playing strategies, Tips and Tricks, Froggo cartridge list, Tales of the 2600

Issue #20 (Jan / Feb 1994)
Steps in the Right Direction?, Shooting Arcade (rare Atari prototype) review, Kangaroo playing strategies, The Atari 2600 Winter Olympics, Confessions of a Videogame Pirate, Video Catalog review, A Collector's Guide to Atari's Catalogs, Tales of the 2600, Cartridge list: Epyx, Milton Bradley, Konami, & Mythicon

Issue #21 (Mar / Apr 1994)
Computers, Communications, & Conventions, Frying the 2600, Montezuma's Revenge solution and tips, Programming the 2600: Part 3, The Ins and Outs of Buying Used Merchandise, How I Never Wrote a Game, Cartridge list: Xonox

Issue #22 (May / Jun 1994)
New Ideas for a Growing Hobby, Tips and Tricks, Frying the 2600, My Wish List, Crazy Climber Tips and Tricks, Atari 2600/7800 Monitor Cartridge review, Tales of the 2600, Pac-Man Fever album review, Cartridge list: Avalon Hill, A Sampling of Usenet messages on the Internet

Issue #23 (Jul / Aug 1994)
Organizing your Cartridge Collection, Tips and Tricks, Cartridge list: Commavid, The Lost Games of the Atari 2600, Chuck Norris Superkicks playing strategies, Pitfall on my IBM PC?, Collecting Atari Cartridges: An Update, An Incredible Test of Strength (John Earney puts a Combat cartridge to a number of tests to see just how durable ROMs are), News and Notes, Letters

Issue #24 (Sep / Oct 1994)
New Horizons for the Hobby, C.A.I.N. Atari Show is a Success, Cartridge List: Amiga, A Guide to Football Game Cartridges for the Atari 2600, Pink Panther review, Tales of the 2600: One Man's Treasure, The 1994 Mail Order Directory, News & Notes, letters, and more.

Issue #25 (Nov / Dec 1994)
The VCS and Abroad (the life of the 2600 from 1982-1994 in Germany and Great Britain), How to Use an Automatic Switchbox with your 2600, Tips and Tricks (how to play PAL games in the USA), SoundX review (demonstration cartridge programmed by Ed Federmeyer), The Atari 2600 Gift Guide, Tales of the 2600 (The trials of a search for Q*bert's Qubes), Blueprint solution & plating strategies, Cartridge List: Part 24: ZiMAG, News and Notes, Letters, more

Issue #26 (Jan / Feb 1995)
Tetris Arrives for the Atari 2600 VCS, Tips and Tricks for Oscar's Trash Race (by Atari), the solution to Secret Quest (by Atari), Jerry G's Jewels (a report of new finds), a review of Coke Wins (rare Atari promotional cartridge for Coca-Cola), Cartridge list: Ultravision, News and Notes, Letters, more.

Issue #27 (Mar / Apr 1995)
Keep Track of your Collection with 2600 Organizer, Tips and Tricks, 6 reviews of Atari prototypes: Holey Moley, Mindlink / Bionic Breakthrough, Bugs Bunny, Peekaboo, Monstercize, and Donald Duck's Speedboat Race, Cartridge List: Sunrise, Wizard Video, and American Videogames, The 10 Most Influential Games, The Atari 2600 in France, Arcade Artist

Issue #28 (May / Jun 1995)
Activision's Action Pack for Windows (IBM PC) review, The Search for the 7800 Joypad, Cartridge list: Answer Software and Bomb, Past the 300 Cartridge Mark: A 2600 Obsession Continues, Omega Race (by CBS) playing strategies, Arcade Artist, letters.

Issue #29 (Jul / Aug 1995)
Collecting Videogame Boxes for the 2600, An Interview with Ed Federmeyer (creator of Edtris 2600), Have We Found them All? (easter eggs), Coin-Op Corner: The 2600 Arcade, Word Find Contest, Cartridge list: Panda & Sancho, letters.

Issue #30 (Sep / Oct 1995)
The Future of the Newsletter, Bushnell's Back, Cartridge List: Telegames, BIT 60 Hardware review, Tales of the 2600, The Games of Mario or Donkey Kong & its Spinoffs, Word find solution, 1995 Mail Order Directory Arcade Artist, News and Notes, letters

Issue #31 (Nov / Dec 1995)
Activision releases more Action Packs (review of Volume 2), Tales of the 2600 - The Mother Lode, Remembering the Gameline, Cartridge List: Venturevision, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure for Windows 95 review, Prototype of Pengo discovered, letters

Issue #32 (Jan / Feb 1996)
Classic Videogame Guides and Books for the New year, Rare Games Spotted!?! (Turbo, Alligator People, and Tempest), Activision Mines 2600 Library for Gold (reviews of Atari 2600 Action Pack for the Apple Macintosh, Action Pack 3 for Windows 95, and Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure for the Atari Jaguar), More thoughts on Copyrights, Atari 2600 Instruction Manual Archive (Tax Avoiders), Investigating the Dates on Cartridge ROMs, Absolute Entertainment goes out of business, letters & more.

Issue #33 (Mar / Apr 1996)
Good Luck Charlie Brown prototype discovered, Tales of the 2600, TV Boy: a 2600 VCS in the Palm of Your Hand, Multi-carts: Where to get them and what they are, Some History on Beamrider (by Activision), Superman Playing Strategies, letters

Issue #34 (May / Jun 1996)
More Programmers Found; Rare Prototype Games Emerge, Atari Image Contest, Coin-Op Corner: Karate Arcade Converions, Two "Non-Arcade" Karate Videogames Reviews -- Karate (by Froggo) and Chuck Norris Kung Fu Superkicks (by Xonox), Going Once -- a tale about Auctions, Letters

Issue #35 (Jul / Aug 1996)
Save Mary Saved (review of rare Atari game), Atari Image Contest Winners, Alligator People (review), The Atari 2600 Summer Olympics (comparisons of Decathlon, Summer Games, and Track & Field, Alternate Power Sources for your 2600, Atari Joystick Controller Facts, Letters

Issue #36 (Special Issue - Summer 1996 - the "Frogger" issue)
An Interview with Ed English: programmer of Frogger, Froggin': cartridge reviews of Frogger, Starpath Supercharger Frogger, Frogs & Flies, Frog Pond, and Frogger II Threedeeep, Tales of the 2600: A Frogger Christmas, Which came first -- the chicken or the frog? (an editorial), Letters

Issue #37 (Sep / Oct 1996)
Ewok Adventure Prototype Found!, The Positives of Computing on the Internet, Tales of the 2600: a true tale about how the editor had to work for and earn Zaxxon (by Coleco), Atari Cart Commander review, Questions & Answers, Mervil Carmickle's favorite top 10 games for the 2600, Letters

Issue #38 (Nov / Dec 1996 - Starpath CD released!)
Starpath Supercharger Multi-session CD released, An Exclusive Interview with the CyberPuNKS, Supercharger CD Contains Four New Games, The One That Got Away (Wizard), Supercharger CD Contains Arcadia / Starpath Archives, What is Vectrex Stuff Doing on this CD?, Supercharger CD is a Development System, CyberPuNKS review the Starpath Supercharger Games.

Issue #39 (Jan / Feb 1997 - the "Star Wars" Issue)
A New Hope for Atari Fans, An Interview with Rex Bradford, programmer of Empire Strikes Back and Jedi Arena, reviews of the four Star Wars games -- The Empire Strikes Back, Jedi Arena, Death Star Battle, and Star Wars: The Arcade Game, Okie Dokie - a new game for the Atari 2600, Letters

Issue #40 (Mar / Apr 1997)
You know you're a Classic Videogamer if..., An Interview with Dan Oliver - programmer of Space Cavern (by Apollo) Rescue Terra I (by Venturevision) and Laser Gates (by Imagic), Atari 2600 Crossword Puzzle Contest, Questions & Answers, Letters

Issue #41 (May / June 1997) The "Howard Scott Warshaw" issue
This issue is all about Howard Scott Warshaw, the programmer of Yar's Revenge, ET, and Raiders of the Lost Ark for the Atari 2600. It doesn't contain the normal letters section like each issue does, but the focus here is on Howard. Includes a four page interview with Howard and reviews of the three games Howard created for the Atari 2600.

Issue #42 (July / August 1997)
Stell-a-Sketch released for the 2600!, Spotlight on Activision: The first four Activision games ( Dragster, Boxing, Checkers, and Fishing Derby ), Rare Game Review: Wizard, Halcyon Days: a review of a collection of interviews with a number of game programmers, Crossword Puzzle Solution and winners announced, News & Notes, Clint Dyer discovers Stunt Cycle and Dukes of Hazzard (Atari prototypes), Letters

Issue #43 (September / October 1997)
More "Home-brew" Games Emerge for the 2600 (Lunar Rescue and The Dark Mage), Electronicon Convention, Phoenix (2nd edition) Book Review, Rock Band Splitsville Captures Atari 2600 in a song, Letters, Spotlight on Activision : Skiing, Bridge, Tennis, Laser Blast, Freeway

Issue #44 (November / December 1997)
20 Years of Atari Celebrated with Special Reunion, Rare Game Review: Aquaventure, Tales of the 2600, Basketball Games for the Atari 2600 , News & Notes, Letters, Spotlight on Activision : Kaboom, Stampede, Ice Hockey, Barnstorming, Grand Prix, and Chopper Command

Issue #45 (January / February 1998)
More "Home-brew" Games Emerge for the 2600 (Oystron and This Planet Sucks), Digital Press Classic Videogame Collector's Guide & CD-ROM review, review of Once Upon Atari - Howard Scott Warshaw's video documentary about Atari, Spotlight on Activision : Starmaster, Megamania, Pitfall, Sky Jinks, River Raid, Spider Fighter

Issue #46 (March / April 1998)
Pinball Games for the 2600 - reviews of Video Pinball and Midnight Magic (both by Atari) and Bumper Bash (by Spectravision), Oystron - reviewed!, Hasbro buys Atari, Letters, Spotlight on Activision : Seaquest, Oink, Dolphin, Keystone Kapers, Enduro, Plaque Attack

Issue #47 (Special Spring 1998 Issue)
E3 Shock: Atari 2600 Dominates 1998 Show, New cartridge found: The Battle of Jericho, Atari buys JTS, Atari 26000 to Debut at E3 Show, Microsoft monopolizes with Windows 2600 cartridges, Chit Labs Develops Alfy - a Robot for the Atari 2600, Wattanassuhar releases powerhouse 2600 computer system, Letters

Issue #48 (May / June 1998)
An Interview with Bob Colbert (programmer of Okie Dokie and Stell-a-Sketch), How to Load Atari ROM Image files into a Starpath Supercharger, Playing games on an Atari 2600 with a CD player, Takes of the 2600: "The Game that would not die", Letters, Spotlight on Activision: Robot Tank, Crackpots, Decathlon, Frostbite, Pressure Cooker, Space Shuttle

Issue #49 (July / August 1998)
Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records (book review), Pitfall handheld game by Tiger Electronics (game review), The Rex Bradford Interview Part 2 (programmer of The Empire Strikes Back by Parker Bros.), Tales of the 2600 (Chris Pyhtila recollects his introduction to the Atari 2600), Spotlight on Activision: Private Eye, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, H.E.R.O., Beamrider, and Cosmic Commuter

Issue #50 (September / October 1998)
World of Atari '98 - Las Vegas, NV - Convention report, All In The Pac-Family - Reviews of Atari's Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Wanna-be's - Reviews of the Pac-Man clones for the Atari 2600, Arcade Artist - two Pac-man cartoons by David Allen, Pitfall 3-D: Beyond the Jungle - (by Activision) - Sony PlayStation Game Review, Keystone Kapers - Tigervision - Handheld game review, Seen & Heard on the Internet: tidbits of info about the 2600, etc., Activision Announces 2600 Package for Sony Playstation: Lineup Uncertain, Issue 49 Contest Winners announced, A Letter from the editor, Spotlight on Activision: Kung Fu Master, Commando, River Raid II, Rampage, Double Dragon, and Ghostbusters.

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