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  Good Deal Games, in conjunction with 2600 Connection, plan to release a special edition of Ralph Baer's Odyssey2 Pinball game!  A limited run of 100 numbered, boxed copies will be produced and will include a manual and several extras.  The game cartridge will feature 2 versions -  Ralph Baer's original prototype version, and a new and improved version of the game which is currently in the final debugging stage.

  In closing out the year on a positive note, we offer the latest, exclusive interview from archivist Scott Stilphen, this time with former James Wickstead Design Associates designer Todd Marshall.  Scott archived a few prototype games and utilities for several systems, including some demos and an unknown VCS 3-D game, as well as 2 dozen source code listings!  It's another fantastic interview.  Happy Holidays!

  It's with a heavy heart that we note the passing of one of the founders of the video game industry, Ralph Baer.  Although he created dozens of innovative products, his most important was Magnavox's original Odyssey system, which inspired Atari's Pong and helped create a multi-billion dollar industry. For that, we are all eternally grateful. RIP Mr. Baer.

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