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  The documentary "Atari: Game Over" is now available for FREE online! This comes soon after Microsoft's announcement they were shutting down their XBOX Entertainment Studios as part of a massive restructuring.

  The Alamogordo, NM landfill is now selling the cache of Atari games that were unearthed earlier this year, on Ebay (ID: tbhs575), with bids on some E.T. copies going as high as $1,500!  Each game includes a city property I.D. tag, a Certificate of Authenticity, and a narrative with photos of the 1983 burial and the 2014 excavation as proof.

  Fans of Magavox's Odyssey2 system have found another source for new games - us!  Since 2012, we've been releasing new homebrew titles by some talented programmers, and we've just released our 5th title - Death Race - with plans for more in the near future.

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