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  From our interview with Todd Marshall, we learned another former co-worker of his at JWDA, Henry Will IV, kept extensive notes of projects he was involved with.  Todd ended up with 3 of Henry's notebooks, which span from late 1981 to mid-1986!  They have been archived and are now available in our Library section.  It's a fascinating look inside game development and packed full of info.  Enjoy, and happy holidays!

  Here's our exclusive interview with Ed Fries.  Known best for his work with the MicroSoft XBOX console, he got his start in the video game industry with programming Atari 400/800 games for Romox.  Now retired, he's back into game programming, only this time it's for the Atari VCS/2600!  He's created Halo 2600 and Rally-X, and he's not done yet!

  Former Atari/Imagic designer Bob Smith announced at this year's Portland Gaming Expo that both he and David Crane have new VCS games planned for release by year's end!  Smith's is called Dungeon and was 1st done on the Atari 800 as a test concept.  Crane's is likely a Video Poker prototype he found.  Tod Frye also mentioned redoing his VCS tech demos and is "seriously contemplating SwordQuest AirWorld"!

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