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  It's with a heavy heart that we note the passing of one of the founders of the video game industry, Ralph Baer.  Although he created dozens of innovative products, his most important was Magnavox's original Odyssey system, which inspired Atari's Pong and helped create a multi-billion dollar industry. For that, we are all eternally grateful. RIP Mr. Baer.

  Nolan Bushnell, Allan Alcorn, and Ted Dabney recall for Businessweek the development of Atari's Pong and home and arcade markets.  The video portion shows Nolan and Allan visiting the former Andy Capp's bar location and includes several shots of the Atari VCS and the games Defender, Pac-Man, Breakout, Enduro, and Space Invaders.

  We have 2 new, exclusive interviews online this month!  The first is with former Axlon game designer John Vifian, who was responsible for VCS Off The Wall.  The other is with former Atari employee James Heller.  If you've been following the Alamodordo landfill stories, you've no doubt heard of him by now, and he confirms there's another landfill of game

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